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There Are No Second Chances With A First Impression So It Pays To Invest In Branding To Position You For Profit

Why branding is a make or break imperative for your business

It’s estimated that you have 3 seconds or less to communicate an appropriate, appealing and professional image today, or you’ll be lost in the noise of competing messages. Those 3 seconds communicate a wealth of associations about your brand and your services. The name suggests what you do, your competence and professionalism, while the logo, slogan and colour scheme either reinforce that image or act as a discordant distraction.

Branding today has such a powerful effect on your prospects for success. That branding needs to be planned in detail, and deserves a budget to ensure alignment with your target market, value creation and marketing initiatives. Ideally, all these variables form part of the initial brief.

Sadly many business owners skip right to a name that they stumble across… and run with that. That name used over many years will either help or hinder the business performance. In our experience, approximately 70% of brands out there are limiting in some way, or misaligned to the marketing messages they accompany. We estimate these average branded businesses may be missing out on 30 to 85% more enquiries. Or worse still, attracting the wrong customers altogether.

Perhaps you’re one of the few business owners who want to address the shortcomings of an existing name, or perhaps you want to start afresh with a brand for a new venture.

Branding Agency Identia: Brand Design & Marketing Experts in Brisbane

At Brisbane-based Identia, we work with you to build a brand aligned with your purpose, your passion and your value creation. We take the time to consider your value-adding potential, your competitors, your differentiation. We test your resolve to deliver the full extent of your business potential, with wealth dynamics profiling, extended disc profiling and other alignment tools and tests to ensure your brand will last the distance, delivering a promise and memorable impact that people want to deal with you.

We take our role seriously. We’ve been branding companies and products for the last 30 years. So if you’re after a brand to eclipse your competition call Brisbane based Identia today.



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The transformational effect of a brilliant name and trademark for your business

A brilliant name and slogan will set customers’ expectations of your organisation, and in a way open their minds to your products and services. It’s a shortcut to understanding the value you bring to the table, and a clue as to why deal with you.

Custom Naming Service- Business & Product Names

Engagement Fee $500, Success Fee $970 on acceptance of a name you wish to use.

Slogan Design

Engagement Fee $300, Success Fee $670 on acceptance of a slogan you wish to use.


AU trademark registration

Our Fee: $970 incl GST for one class of goods and services, any additional classes $400.

US trademark registration

Our Fee $1,970US for one class of goods and services, any additional classes $800.

  • why-identia-2
    Why Pick Identia?
    Have your brand built by professionals with 30+ years branding experience. we craft brands that succeed in the marketplace by POSITIONING YOU FOR PROFIT.
  • tailored-branding-3
    Tailored Branding For Your Situation
    We'll take the time to understand your marketing goals and target audience, creating the right brand personality for your business.
  • proprietary-process-3
    Proprietary Process
    Identia offers proprietary brand birthing to ensure alignment with goals & values.
  • complete-implementation-4
    Complete Implementation
    Identia provides all the necessary design & consulting skills to launch your brand & digital assets.

Identia Creates Valuable Brands

It can be hard for you to build a strong brand and grow your business at the same time. This is where Identia comes in. Identia builds brands based on the purpose and passion that drives you, the owner of the business. This way, your marketing will be aligned to your business strategy and create a breeding ground for wealth and success. Our extended disc and wealth dynamics profiling help us to gain insight into your motivations, skills, and weaknesses. As a result, we are able to design a brand that reflects your business potential and personality. You will be happy with your business and the image it projects and the sales success that follows.

We Are Naming Experts!

Identia has packages for naming, branding, logos, trademarks and slogans you can make use of to help your business succeed. We have been naming companies in different industries for more than 30 years. We have studied different markets and know what it takes to create an unforgettable name. If you’re releasing a product globally, Identia will check what your name means in other languages to help you avoid embarrassment. We will carry out thorough research to ensure that your brand does not offend any audiences. You can trust Identia to choose the perfect names for your business and products.



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