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Collateral Magic: Crafting the Complete Branding Symphony

In the world of branding, logos are the superstars. They’re front and center, strutting their stuff. But just like any great concert, there’s a whole ensemble playing in perfect harmony. That’s where collateral comes in – it’s the rhythm, the backup singers, the lighting. Together, they make the show unforgettable.

Identia: Making Logos and Collateral Sing Since 1985

With a track record as classic as vinyl, we at Identia have been orchestrating brand dreams for our clients. Creating a killer logo is a rockstar move, but without the right collateral, even the best logos might miss a beat.

Why Collateral? Here’s the Encore:

  1. Stationery Ranges: Printed materials, including business cards and letterheads, are the handshakes and smiles of your brand. They should feel as polished as your CEO’s best suit, and carry the grace and weight of your brand’s ethos.
  2. Email Footers, Letter Templates, and Digital Nitty-Gritty: In a world where inboxes are flooded, your digital collateral needs to shine. That’s headers, footers, templates, and every pixel in between. They’re like the guitarist’s fingers – subtle but vital.
  3. Brochures and Catalogs: These are your brand’s autobiographies, the stories that make you, you. They’re filled with the soul and character that turns prospects into fans.
  4. Livery, Signage, and Trade Show Swagger: Think big, bold, and beautiful. These elements are your billboards and banners. They scream your name from the rooftops and invite everyone to the party.
  5. Packaging That Dances: It’s not just a box; it’s a dance floor for your product. It should make unwrapping feel like the first chords of your favorite tune.

All Together Now!

What makes a great brand isn’t just a killer logo (though that’s a fantastic start). It’s about consistency, strength, and having everything working together, from the stationery you write on to the email signature you send off.

Here’s where the true magic lies: it’s all crafted by the same creative band at Identia. One team, one vision, one resounding success.

Need a hand to turn your brand into a chart-topper? Want to make sure every beat is perfect?

Give Identia a call. Let’s make branding music together. 🎵🎨