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Brands are like your favourite recipe – it’s all about using the right ingredients and following the instructions to a T. At Identia, we know that crafting a memorable brand isn’t just about whipping up a fancy logo and throwing some colours around. It’s about precision, consistency, and having a rulebook that ensures your brand looks great today, tomorrow, and forever.

The Secret Sauce: Visual Standards & Manuals

Think of a Visual Standards Manual as your brand’s cookbook. It’s the ultimate guide that details exactly how every element of your branding should be used. From the logo’s precise colour to the exact font for your tagline, it’s all in there, ensuring your brand remains consistently delicious over time.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside a typical Visual Standards Manual cooked up by Identia:

All these ingredients are blended and rolled out in everything from advertising to merchandising, digital applications, stationery, and product packaging.

Need a Recipe for Success? We’ve Got It!

Identia’s Visual Standards Manuals are more than just guides; they’re the roadmap to branding success. They’re what keep great brands looking fabulous, ensuring that every visual touchpoint is on point. Etc, etc (as they say) – we’ve got it all covered.

So if you want your brand to have that disciplined look of greatness, the kind that resonates and endures, give us a ring at Identia. We’ll whip up a Visual Standards Manual that will keep your brand tasting great through the ages. 📔✨