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Logo and Collateral Design

Logo Design Brisbane

A logo is a graphic symbol or logotype for the business. Often it takes the keyword of your business name and stylises it to reflect in a unique way the qualities you deliver or style of business you operate.

For most of our clients, we design a unique symbol and stylised form to communicate the essence of the service or benefit delivered. We believe in the power of symbols to powerfully communicate values and connotations of the business or product. Powerful connotations that speak at a subconscious level to impact us. Our symbols add a perception of size and power to the organisation. It suggests a larger more established business. One you can trust. One that’s been around for a long time.

Logos and Collateral Design since 1985

Identia has many years experience crafting bespoke brands, world-class logos and collateral for our clients. Logo design is the second most important element after the name and slogan design. But a great logo needs the consistent design attention to detail to present the branding style, coherence and strength. The collateral design is importantly done by the same team developing branding elements.

Collateral Design Components

  • Stationery- printed stationery including cards
  • Email Footers, Lettertemplatesplaes, online quotations and memos
  • Brochures, Catalogs
  • Livery, Signage, Patterns and Designs for trade shows and exhibitions
  • Packaging

Need a hand with your logo and collateral design? Call Identia.

Logo Design Portfolio

  • 4More4WDAdventure
  • a-a-p_industries
  • accountia
  • action_property
  • adsun
  • art-now
  • asia-pacific-timber
  • assura
  • autom8
  • axyos
  • b2b-barter-alt
  • barard_management
  • bartley_burns
  • b-e-c
  • best-practice
  • beyond_pt
  • biz2go
  • bizcircle
  • bizfuel
  • bodiez
  • boom_baby
  • bosco_medical_australia
  • bowden_partners
  • brisbane_real_estate
  • brisbane-blast
  • bushnells_lawyers
  • buydesign-solutions
  • cabinet_solutions
  • candy_kingdom
  • capita_financial_group
  • carter_and_spencer_group
  • catmax
  • chefs_on_the_net
  • childcare_con-x
  • c--lect
  • competitive_living
  • compliance_australia
  • compusoft
  • computer-zen
  • credex-debt-recovery
  • creto
  • daddy-doof
  • debney_corporation
  • department_of_emergency_services
  • design_infusion
  • dietitian_services
  • digisound
  • dooralong_lodge
  • earthquip
  • easitag
  • east_bank_developments
  • eco_sensual
  • elite-handcrafts
  • ella_marie_designer_furniture
  • fonica
  • hitech-radiators
  • infinia
  • inrad
  • instant_security_alarms
  • international-academy-of-business-mastery
  • jaer_designs
  • jesses_secret
  • just_showers
  • juvenaire
  • juvenetix
  • karrabee
  • land_partners
  • laser
  • lazarides_timber
  • light-ship-digital
  • macair
  • mahoney_lawyers
  • marivel-it-services
  • matisse_framing
  • milspec
  • mitchell_drilling_contractors
  • nuplant
  • nxsports
  • per4max-institute
  • protagonist
  • puria_pharmacy
  • qsmsports
  • realmart
  • red_media_solutions
  • reoforce-engineering
  • resord_recruitment
  • rim_doctor
  • roo_roofing
  • schmider
  • secrets-on-ann
  • settlers_rise
  • shape_cut
  • sherrin_hire
  • solar_wise
  • sparx
  • specialised_business_solutions
  • sportsmind
  • squarely
  • sumner_signs
  • sunasia
  • sunrise_designs
  • ulterior
  • ultimeat
  • unhappy-banking
  • unison
  • valadd
  • watchfone
  • winsulation
  • worldlingo
  • world-print
  • young_engineers
  • xbestos

Identia Creates Valuable Brands

It can be hard for you to build a strong brand and grow your business at the same time. This is where Identia comes in. Identia builds brands based on the purpose and passion that drives you, the owner of the business. This way, your marketing will be aligned to your business strategy and create a breeding ground for wealth and success. Our extended disc and wealth dynamics profiling help us to gain insight into your motivations, skills, and weaknesses. As a result, we are able to design a brand that reflects your business potential and personality. You will be happy with your business and the image it projects and the sales success that follows.

We Are Naming Experts!

Identia has packages for naming, branding, logos, trademarks and slogans you can make use of to help your business succeed. We have been naming companies in different industries for more than 30 years. We have studied different markets and know what it takes to create an unforgettable name. If you’re releasing a product globally, Identia will check what your name means in other languages to help you avoid embarrassment. We will carry out thorough research to ensure that your brand does not offend any audiences. You can trust Identia to choose the perfect names for your business and products.



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